About Elite System Choice and Solar Power Industry Partner

Elite System Choice serves as SunPower marketing consultants, helping to reduce energy bills without compromising a home’s curb appeal. Sunlight is turned into savings with SunPower, which designs, engineers and manufactures every system that holds its name. It is the most efficient and dependable solar solution on the planet, offering a warranty equal to none in the industry.

About SunPower  

  • Founded in 1985, SunPower is the leading manufacturer of solar in the industry.

  • SunPower’s majority shareholder is Total S.A., which ranks as the 4th largest publicly traded company in the world.

  • SunPower’s 100% focus is on solar.

  • SunPower has completed over 500,000 residential installs worldwide.

  • SunPower holds the world record in solar panel efficiency.

  • SunPower panels lasts longer than any other panel on the market place. They degrade at a rate of .25% a year, where conventional panels degrade at .50% - 1% (or higher) per year. 

  • SunPower was ranked by EnergySage.com as 2018’s top ranked panel based on price, efficiency and stellar 25 year warranty. 


SunPower dealers provide insights on the different ways that SunPower Equinox™, the proprietary residential solar system completely designed and engineered by SunPower®, has brought value to their businesses.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

  • Protection against unpredictable utility rate increases.

  • Solar gives people a choice how their energy is made (rather than depending on power plants).

  • According to the Department of Energy, solar may increase home value and appraisal rates.

  • Solar in specific states lowers property taxes. 

  • Solar in specific states can be installed for $0 out-of-pocket for those that qualify.

  • Solar helps people reduce their carbon footprint so that future generations will breathe cleaner air.

Can you guess how many trees are planted with 24 of SunPower’s lowest watt panels?


How much CO2 does a typical solar electric system offset?

We need some assumptions for the “typical” solar electric system.

  1. An average residential system produces 7,500-8,000 watts of energy. In an example with 24 SunPower 327-watt panels, there is a total capacity of 7,848 watts.

  2. Next assumption: the roof. A system facing due south, with a 37 degree tilt, and no shade is ideal.

  3. Let’s determine what our 7,848-watt system produce 8,685 kWh throughout the year. Using the carbon intensity factor of 1.106 lb CO2/kWh, we can calculate that this system will offset 9,606 lb of CO2 every year.


What’s the trade-off between trees and solar?

The 9,606 lb of CO2 that our solar system offsets every year is equivalent to the carbon absorbing capability of about 50 trees. From a carbon offset standpoint, the solar array is a big win. If you are considering cutting down fewer than 50 trees to get the most out of a 7,500+ watt solar electric system, don’t feel guilty. On a net environmental basis, you are doing the right thing


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Corporations Trust Us

SunPower is ranked first in the commercial solar industry, It is used by major companies such as NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States Postal office, LOWES, Walmart, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Exelon, FedEx, HO, Duke Energy, PG&E, etc.

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