ELite System Choice


About Elite System Choice

Elite System Choice puts your needs first. We are consultants with a family-first culture that provides consulting, project management and most importantly, customer relations. We represent our corporate partners in the most admirable way and provide our customers with out-of-the-box options they were unaware existed. We are results-driven and believe in building authentic relationships through transparency and accountability. We believe in only providing win-win situations for corporate partners, consultants and customers alike.

Our Leadership


Elite System Choice is a group of hard-working, dedicated individuals who understand the power of coming together to combine skills, strengths and unique perspectives into one eclectic and effective process.



Lance Vernon

Chief Executive Officer


Ray Cheron

Chief Operating Officer


Vahid Najafi

Director of Business Development




Elite System Choice provides win-win opportunities. We provide sales consulting that represents and upholds the brands we represent. We partner with your team to oversee project management. We also create strong customer bonds through dedicated customer relations.